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Archive of ebooks, images and kirtan-mp3s for pushtimarg.


The files on the site are now stored on google drive. When you  click on a menu item , you are redirected to our drive page, There you can view or download files. you can toggle the folder view between ‘grid view’ and ‘list view’, list view makes long file names readable and provides more information such as size, date added etc. You may be asked to sign in to your google account if you are using chrome browser, You can avoid it by using other browser. if you use chrome , you can save files on your google drive by selecting “make a copy” from right click on file or three dot menu on top right side .  You can also download on your device by selecting ‘download’ or ‘make available offline’ . If you want to download all the files in a folder , you should use a browser other than chrome, ‘Download All ‘ link will appear on top right side .

Prime Contributors

Go. Shree Vishalraiji 

Go. Shree Akshaykumarjii 

Sau. Go.Shree sowmyaji 

bipin vekaria

dhirajlal vekaria 

hardik somaiya

aashish shah

For feedback and sharing files, feel free to mail us at pushtisudha@gmail.com